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Deadpool has a lot of time on his hands and repeatedly fourthwalls things in canon, including himself.  I can keep his references to canons NOT represented. In fact, unless I have your specific permission, I will not refer to your canon at all, regardless of how weird it may be (It's HIGHLY likely he knows G1 Transformers, etc).  

This post is to give permission for him to fourthwall you and/or your canon.  While we have several, say, G1 players here, he can recognize one but not another, the excuse being, of course, his brain is a cancer-raddled mess to such an extent he doesn't even remember his own life story accurately. :)

So, please comment on this post with a few answers? 

1. Is it okay for Deadpool to recognize you or your canon just by name/appearance?

2. Up to what point in canon can he recognize you? (I don't want you hearing that you died or something from him if your character doesn't already know that)! It can be before or after your canonpull point. I will presume NOTHING AT ALL unless told otherwise, just to be safe.

3.  Any misidentifications you want him to make? (Compare a Transformer to a Voltron or Gundam robot, call Leviathan a Spice Girl, Catwoman Heidi Klum, etc? ) 

4. Do you have psychic or mind-reading powers? If so, comment if you want to be able to have your character 'hear' Deadpool's infamous meta-voices. I am totally okay with it. Also if you're not psychic but want your character to do that, float your idea how that could happen here. (For example, Whirl might in theory argue that since he fights with himself all the time, he's on the same sort of Wavelength of Cray Cray).


Oct. 6th, 2012 09:23 am
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This is the obligatory HMD post.   Comments screened.


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